I’ve been reflecting on what the next year looks like for this site. The plan is:

  • More posts that add permanent content to the site with a strong focus on reviews, and secondary focus on discussion questions
  • At least one new release reviewed every 1-2 months
  • More memoir titles
  • Fewer reviews through review websites such as Reedsy and Netgalley
  • Moving away from Facebook and toward Instagram (Bookstagram) and possibly Pinterest
  • Author pages
  • More cross-posting with my Michigan site, Bookish in the Mitten
  • More creative ways to spark discussion; to date, this has had 0% success.
  • Occasional reviews by guest bloggers

What does this look like? My 2022 goal is to add 60 titles, 10-20% of which will be new releases, and to add discussion questions for at least 20 of those titles. This doesn’t seem like a lot, and I may be able to exceed it, but realistically, I’m one person with only so many free hours in my day. Looking forward to 2023-2024, I may start offering author interviews.

Stay tuned to see what the new year brings!

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