FREE – A Dead Djinn in Cairo

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • P. Djeli Clark – 2016
  • Dead Djinn Universe #0.5
  • Tor Books; Audio version MacMillan Audio

BONUS: Although I don’t recommend bypassing Suehyla El-Attar’s perfect narration (and I think the book is only a couple of dollars on Audible, so you don’t have to spend a credit), as of this writing the publisher (Tor) is offering the entire story FREE to read on their website. Read A Dead Djin in Cairo.

This audio short (about an hour and a quarter) is my second trip to the Dead Djinn Universe; it was published several years before A Master of Djinn and features the same main characters – namely Fatma and Siti, in their first meeting. This little nugget is also narrated by Suehyla El-Attar (lucky for us!) and time passes too quickly before the story is over.

I’m rating this at four stars just because the plot seems a little too big for the length of the story, but if you liked A Master of Djinn you will like this. After listening to the full-length novel, it’s interesting to note how little character development there is here – because there just isn’t time. It makes sense.

There are a few other shorts in this cycle but they got bad narrator reviews so I probably won’t listen to them. If I come across print copies I may read them at some point but I’m not seeking them out.

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