A Little More Whitman for National Poetry at Work Day

From Leaves of Grass, in honor of National Poetry at Work day, January 12, 2021 – as always, with thanks to Project Gutenberg:

Away with old romance!
  Away with novels, plots and plays of foreign courts,
  Away with love-verses sugar’d in rhyme, the intrigues, amours of idlers,
  Fitted for only banquets of the night where dancers to late music slide,
  The unhealthy pleasures, extravagant dissipations of the few,
  With perfumes, heat and wine, beneath the dazzling chandeliers.

  To you ye reverent sane sisters,
  I raise a voice for far superber themes for poets and for art,
  To exalt the present and the real,
  To teach the average man the glory of his daily walk and trade,
  To sing in songs how exercise and chemical life are never to be baffled,
  To manual work for each and all, to plough, hoe, dig,
  To plant and tend the tree, the berry, vegetables, flowers,
  For every man to see to it that he really do something, for every woman too;
  To use the hammer and the saw, (rip, or cross-cut,)
  To cultivate a turn for carpentering, plastering, painting,
  To work as tailor, tailoress, nurse, hostler, porter,
  To invent a little, something ingenious, to aid the washing, cooking,
  And hold it no disgrace to take a hand at them themselves.

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