A Superior Death

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Nevada Barr – 1994 – Anna Pigeon #2

From my review of the first book in this series, Track of the Cat: “Anna Pigeon is one of the most intriguing protagonists I’ve met in a mystery series, and I can’t wait to see where she goes.”

Anna went to my home state of Michigan in Book 2. I included this book in the library haul I added to my Kindle before heading west on a train, thinking I might be reading about Anna in the Southwest as I travelled through that region. Instead, I got to read a Nevada Barr book placed in Michigan. Barr knows the Mitten State pretty well!

It’s a challenge to stay focused on a book while on a fast-moving train with a companion; conversation, rough tracks, overhead announcements, interruptions from the conductor or car attendant – none of these makes for a quiet environment. This story was so riveting though, that I never looked up. I did take longer than usual to read, since I spent time researching each place name mentioned in the story.

Nevada Barr creates some pretty unique characters, and the rangers and cohorts on Isle Royale National Park are no exception. There are two missing persons (for a short time, three people missing). Two of the more colorful characters on the island think one missing character may have been eaten by her husband. Anna soon figures out who at least one guilty party is, and confronts that party in a riveting,gut-wrenching climax.

This would be a five-star review except for the inclusion of two characters whose relationship with each other seems to add nothing except shock value to the story. Give it a read; you might disagree.

Anna Pigeon is remarkable in her ability to refrain from engaging or reacting when she is insulted or attacked. She is an exercise in mindfulness, and I’ll continue to read more of her story.