How to Stay Productive When the World is Ending

by Reductress – 2023 I’ve always gotten a kick out of Reductress, so when I saw that the audio of this short book was available for review on NetGalley, I jumped at the chance. After finishing my listen, I’m underwhelmed. The endless cleverness and satire got repetitive, and I only … Continue ReadingHow to Stay Productive When the World is Ending

Cookies – Not the Chocolate Chip Kind

It’s recently come to my attention that just having a cookie consent popup on this website does not customize cookie settings based on the viewer’s response, so I’m just going to be very transparent here about how I use cookies. I don’t use cookies at all. I’m a reader and … Continue ReadingCookies – Not the Chocolate Chip Kind

Demon Copperhead

Barbara Kingsolver 2022 – Pulitzer Prize Winner It sneaks up on you, this book. Damon Fields, better known as Demon Copperhead, is no shrinking violet. His voice is a stream-of-consciousness monologue, delivered at sometimes-manic locomotive speed. Unlike the timid protagonist of David Copperfield, on which Barbara Kingsolver loosely based this … Continue ReadingDemon Copperhead


Barbara Michaels 1973 In preparation for a cross-country train trip, I loaded my Kindle with library books – mostly by Barbara Michaels, as it turns out. This is the first of several reviews. Ellen March, who has spent the last several years raising both her own child and her nephews … Continue ReadingWitch

Grey Mask

Patricia Wentworth – 1928 – #1 in the Miss Silver Mysteries So many questions . . . Margaret and Charles – whatever happened to their love? Who are those men in disguise sitting in Charles’ mother’s sitting room? And why is Margaret with them? Margaret and Charles parted ways years … Continue ReadingGrey Mask