Why I’m Yours, even though I’m Not Yours

Arina Avram This review, written by Catherine Beeman, originally appeared in Reedsy Discovery. Poetry is such a subjective medium; what inspired the poet, and will the same sentiment move the reader of the poem? Scholars, of course, are able to evaluate poetry based on literary merit – competent use of … Continue ReadingWhy I’m Yours, even though I’m Not Yours

The House in the Cerulean Sea

TJ Klune 2020 I’ve written a few discussion questions that may be helpful for your book group. Maybe you’re living your life in color. It could be that you’re anticipating today’s interactions with pleasure: catching up with friends, having coffee with your spouse, meeting your parents or children for lunch, … Continue ReadingThe House in the Cerulean Sea

10 Things I Learned From a Schizophrenic Mechanic

Thank you to author L.M. Kugler and to Reedsy Discovery who provided me with an ARC of this book, which I used to write this honest review. In a testament to the love between father and daughter, L. M. Kugler has created a thoughtfully written, easy to comprehend, annotated account … Continue Reading10 Things I Learned From a Schizophrenic Mechanic

Flap Trap and Other Stories

Alistair Moore 2022 I reviewed this book for Reedsy Discovery. From a talking monkey to a talking vagina, Alistair Moore presents the reader with short stories that are part social commentary, part character study, and part dystopian fantasy, in varying degrees. Other readers, and even the author, may disagree, but … Continue ReadingFlap Trap and Other Stories