Big Little Lies

Rating: 3 out of 5.
big little lies book cover

Liane Moriarty, 2014

I’ll be honest –  I listened to this one a few years ago.  I remember enjoying it mildly but even while listening to the first chapter while writing this review I can’t remember the plot. I still feel comfortable writing a review, because I can tell you this:

  • It takes place in Australia, as do the rest of Moriarty’s books to date.
  • It involves school moms, domestic violence, and maybe murder. (One online review actually listed the violence as a trigger warning).
  • It’s been televised by HBO.
  • As with all of Liane Morarty’s books, the story is engaging.

As I listen right now, I’m thinking that narrator Caroline Lee’s voice is easy on the ear with its Australian accent, but also that the pace of narration is painfully slow. I probably set the speed to 1.25 when I listened the first time. I recommend that you do the same.  This is not my favorite Moriarty but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.