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Philosophy and Mission of Your Book Group

Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive virtual space for readers to explore and discuss the world(s) of Story. I love books so much that for ten years I made bookselling my career.  Reading books, discussing them, and connecting them with people who love them in turn – … Continue ReadingPhilosophy and Mission of Your Book Group

Murder Boogies with Elvis

Anne George, 2001 (Southern Sisters #8) When an Elvis impersonator is murdered onstage in the middle of a performance, Mary Alice (“Sister”) and Patricia Anne (“Mouse”) get improbably stuck in the middle of another murder and its subsequent investigation in this Southern cozy mystery. The two sisters are as different … Continue ReadingMurder Boogies with Elvis

Barbara Hale: A Doctor’s Daughter

Lillian Garis 1926 Barbara “Babs” Hale, age 15, makes new friends while standing up for her beliefs and supporting those whom others belittle in this vintage novella that’s part coming-of-age story and part mystery. This very gentle, vintage YA story popped up on my Facebook feed, as a free read … Continue ReadingBarbara Hale: A Doctor’s Daughter

The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories – Review

Published 2016; edited by Tara Moore I’ve been publishing my impressions of the installments in this well-researched and thoughtfully curated selection of short stories as I made my way through the book; here’s my final review of the collection. If I haven’t already written a post about a story, I’m … Continue ReadingThe Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories – Review

Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories 7 and 8

Brief recap of two stories from The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories Story #7: “Jack Layford’s Friend” by Anonymous: Jack’s friend happens to be Philip Carlyon – a brave, bright man with a loyal heart. Jack needs help dealing with a ghost of devious cunning nature, and Phil … Continue ReadingVictorian Christmas Ghost Stories 7 and 8

Valancourt Christmas Ghost Story #3

Horror: A True Story – attributed to John Berwick Harwood One tale led to another. Every one was called on in turn to contribute to the public entertainment, and story after story, always relating to demonology and witchcraft, succeeded. It was Christmas, the season for such tales… Horror: A True … Continue ReadingValancourt Christmas Ghost Story #3

Christmas Ghosts – The Old Nurse’s Story

Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghosts – Story #2, by Elizabeth Gaskell The second story in this excellent collection is “The Old Nurse’s Story.” Hester, speaking in first person without the typical layering of narrators, gets right down to business as she tells her former charge’s children how close their … Continue ReadingChristmas Ghosts – The Old Nurse’s Story

Merry Ghostly Christmas!

Many of you already know that ghost stories were popular at Christmas time in Victorian England. Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is the most well-known example. What you may not know is that many Victorian publishers capitalized on that popularity by publishing periodicals filled with ghost stories. Valancourt Books, a present-day … Continue ReadingMerry Ghostly Christmas!

The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina

Zoraida Córdova 2021 Imagine that you can wish your dream house into existence, fully furnished. Imagine that your pantry is never empty. What price would you pay for the possession of that kind of magic? Orquídea Montoya knows the price, and so do her descendants. When Orquídea’s life appears to … Continue ReadingThe Inheritance of Orquídea Divina