Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Series by Louise Penny

The audio version of this series is a treat to the ears. Narrator Ralph Cosham died after narrating The Long Way Home, much to his listeners’ grief. He was replaced by Downton Abbey’s Robert Brathurst. The first book narrated by Brathurst is a little rough, but he’s toned down and much easier on the ears in subsequent titles. Titles that I’ve reviewed contain links to the reviews.

TitlePub DateNarrator
1. Still Life2005
Ralph Cosham
2. A Fatal Grace2006Ralph Cosham
3. The Cruelest Month2007Ralph Cosham
4. A Rule Against Murder2008Ralph Cosham
5. The Brutal Telling2009Ralph Cosham
6. Bury Your Dead2010Ralph Cosham
6.5. The Hangman2010Ralph Cosham
7. A Trick of the Light2011Ralph Cosham
8. The Beautiful Mystery2012Ralph Cosham
9. How the Light Gets In2013Ralph Cosham
10. The Long Way Home2014Ralph Cosham
11. The Nature of the Beast2015Robert Brathurst
12. A Great Reckoning2016Robert Brathurst
13. Glass Houses2017Robert Brathurst
14. Kingdom of the Blind2018Robert Brathurst
15. A Better Man2019Robert Brathurst
16. All the Devils Are Here2020Robert Brathurst
17. The Madness of Crowds2021Robert Brathurst