Christmas Ghosts – The Old Nurse’s Story

The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories book cover

Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghosts – Story #2, by Elizabeth Gaskell

The second story in this excellent collection is “The Old Nurse’s Story.” Hester, speaking in first person without the typical layering of narrators, gets right down to business as she tells her former charge’s children how close their mother came to falling under ghostly influences when she was a small child.

Creepy ghostly organ, ghost child begging to be let in, mourning ghost mother – this story is a classic, imaginative ghost story, well told.

Give it a read. If you aren’t a Scribd subscriber you can find it on Project Gutenberg, included in the Gaskell collection called Curious, if True – or, you could invest in a copy of the Valancourt book. The Kindle version is (obviously) instantly available, so you can read all thirteen stories before Christmas.

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