Cookies – Not the Chocolate Chip Kind

It’s recently come to my attention that just having a cookie consent popup on this website does not customize cookie settings based on the viewer’s response, so I’m just going to be very transparent here about how I use cookies.

I don’t use cookies at all. I’m a reader and writer, not a tech expert, and I have NO IDEA how to use them or how to block them. I do know, from my reading, that the concerns most people have with cookies are related to tracking a person’s individual browsing habits to target ads and marketing.

I have no ads, and I don’t market. The plugin I use tells me the number of site visitors I have in a day, what pages were visited by those visitors, and what links those visitors might have clicked, as well as what countries the visitors were in when they clicked the links. All of that info is aggregate. So, I get basically: “you had 50 visitors. 30 visitors viewed The Latecomer Discussion Questions. Twenty visitors viewed Jane Eyre. 40 views were from the United States, 5 were from the UK, 3 were from Ireland, and 2 were from Australia.”

I have no individual data being fed to me – or let me put it this way; I have no idea to tell what individual browsing data might be available to me – and frankly, I have no desire to know that information. It’s become clear to me, after running this site for three years, that I am unlikely to ever monetize this site, at least in the foreseeable future.

I suppose you might find that after clicking into this site, some other book-related ads might show up for you – but that’s your browser, not me. (I’m looking at you, Google.) If you want to avoid that, maybe you could visit in Incognito mode.

Thanks for reading. Now go have a cookie. 🙂

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