Crossroads – Discussion Questions

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  1. If you lived through the 1970’s, did you find that Crossroads evoked a seventies vibe? If not, why do you suppose that is?
  2. The Hildebrandt children are very different from one another: Becky is the golden child, Perry is a troubled genius, Clem is Becky’s protector, and Judson is the kid who looks up to his big brother Perry. Do you identify particularly with any one of the siblings more than the others?
  3. One theme in Crossroads could possibly be “boundaries” – some characters tried to set personal boundaries and other characters often made a habit of disregarding those boundaries. Can you name a few characters and the boundaries they set? Who disregarded those boundaries, and was their trespass successful or did the boundaries hold? You might want to take the title of this book into account.
  4. Becky’s adoration of her big brother Clem turns to loathing. What do you think prompted that change of heart: external events or internal emotions? Be as specific as you can.
  5. Russ Hildebrandt and Rick Ambrose interact a lot with teenagers in an advisory capacity. Think back to your teen years; do either of them remind you of an adult figure in your life during those years? If so, how does that identification flavor your opinion of the character in the book?
  6. What advice would you give to any one character in this book to change the direction of their life? At what point would you offer the advice?

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