David Sedaris is Very Funny.

Funny meerkat

January is brutal. Every year it’s brutal. Why not try a little laughter this weekend?

Although this post originally had the word “reading” in the title, I strongly recommend that you get your hands on the audio version of any of David Sedaris’ work.  I’ve recommended him before, but he’s so funny that the recommendation always bears repeating.

Sedaris got his big break when he was discovered by NPR’s Ira Glass, and he just keeps being funny.  Many, if not most, of his books are available in audio format from your local libaries – or you could use that Audible credit that’s been hanging around to grab a title. I recommend Holidays on Ice or Me Talk Pretty One Day, but really, any of them are great.  October 2021 update: read my review of A Carnival of SnackeryIt will open on a new tab.

A word of caution: don’t play these around children without vetting them first. (The posts, not the children.)

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