Deadly Dog Days

Fourteeenth book in the A to Z Mystery Tour

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Deadly Dog Days book cover

Dog Days Mysteries #1

Jamie M. Blair 2016

Cameron (Cam) Cripps-Hayman, separated from Sheriff Ben Hayman, is finding the small town of Metamora, Indiana to be less than cozy – especially its most irritating citizen (and Cam’s mother-in-law) Irene Hayman, president of the Daughters of Metamora.

Then there’s a murder, which leaves Cam to wrangle the victim’s five dogs while also dealing with Ben’s daughter Mia and the motley crew that Cam supervises as they complete volunteer work to meet their community service requirements.

Luckily, Cam can count on her sister Monica, her friend Andy, and ultimately Ben. The murder is solved and, as one would expect in the first book of a cozy series set in a tinytown, Cam is offered a job that will keep her in Metamora for as long as this series runs, presumably.

This was an ok mystery. I had trouble focusing on it and did not have an interest in trying to figure out who the murderer is. Believe it or not, I think this is less due to the author’s writing (which seemed fine) and more to do with the medium. I had checked out the trade paperback from the library, and it was difficult to keep open. The spine was slightly stiff, so I never had a two-page spread going. This made every page a chore.

So, three stars to the book, one star to the format. If you enjoy small town U.S.A – type mysteries with a touch of irreverance, this is the book for you. Try to get a hardcover edition, though – or listen to the audio version on Scribd. It is free to listen to with your paid membership.

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