Death by Cashmere

Rating: 3 out of 5.
death by cashmere book cover

Sally Goldenbaum 2008

In the first book of the Seaside Knitters Mysteries we meet Izzy, who has a knitting studio after a short-lived legal career; her Aunt Nell, Uncle Ben, and the usual assortment of friends.

The cover is very appealing, and the story itself is slow paced – so slow, in fact, that as soon as I figured out who the killer was, and after reading about one too many delicious meals, including salad igredients, drinks, music selections, and main courses, I recognized that nothing was really going to happen as I waited for the story to catch up with my (accurate) conclusion – so I skipped to the end.

I think this might be the first time I’ve done that with mystery – but I still gave it 3 stars; the characters are believable and series has a nice cozy feel. I’m sure other readers might enjoy the journey. I just wasn’t im the mood.

Bonus though -there’s a free knitting pattern at the back of the book!