Die For Love

Rating: 3 out of 5.
die for love book cover
Elizabeth Peters – Jacqueline Kirby Mysteries #3

Jacqueline needs to get out of town, and she’s looking for a way to use her trip as a tax write-off. So, the librarian gets a ticket to a romance novelist convention and heads from Nebraska to New York City.

The convention has more going on than meets the eye: shady agents, sneaky gossip columnists, dangerous managers, and authors who aren’t who they say they are. Murder happens, and Jacqueline is the only person who can solve the crime.

As usual, there are beautiful people and unattractive people in this Jacqueline episode – but as it turns out, some of the beautiful people are just as flawed as the unattractive (read “average”) folks.

As with the other Jacqueline Kirby mysteries, the setting is novel, and it also allows for intriguing character development. It’s fun read and gets a respectable 3 stars. Grace Conlon narrates perfectly.