Discussion – The House in the Cerulean Sea

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  1. Linus Baker tells the children that he works in “the city.” Did you assume a particular city? If so, what city and why?
  2. Any conflict that existed throughout the story seemed to dissolve after little or no confrontation, which is not something that is reflected in our world. If you had been the author of this book, would you have done more to develop the conflict completely before resolving it? What might have stopped Klune from doing so?
  3. In which of the character(s), even incidental ones, do you see aspects of yourself?
  4. Reframe this story as told from the point of view of Zoe Chapelwhite, the island sprite to whom the island belongs.  What new insights would the reader gain, if any? How does Linus look through Zoe’s eyes?
  5. Goodreads readers have shelved this variously as Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, LGBT, LGBT>Queer, Young Adult, and Fantasy>Magic. Which genre would you choose as the best fit? Any genres you would not use?
  6. More for internal reflection than discussion: Linus finds his true home – a home he didn’t know was waiting for him – in this book. Does this inspire you to look more intentionally for your true home, and / or does it spur appreciation for what you are currently experiencing as your true home?