Episode 2 – Interview and A to Z Mystery Tour

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Links to books discussed in the episode are listed below. Use the comments section to answer this week’s question: Do you know of a literary-themed resort, hotel, or inn? You can also suggest future podcast ideas. Non-constructive comments will be moderated.

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  • My Side of the Mountain and its two sequels were written by Jean Craighead George. (Great website, by the way!) There’s a 1969 movie available too; check your streaming services. You can rent or buy it on Amazon.
  • The Ohio/Paul Bunyan book Kyle was referring to is Cuyahoga, by Pete Beatty.
  • Margaret Atwood has her own website, margaretatwood.ca; it has her entire bibliography and some other interesting stuff, but it’s not an https site so it pops up as not secure; therefore I’m not linking to that page (although I feel safe there myself). The pigoons show up in Oryx and Crake, part of her Flood Trilogy.
  • Ellery Adams’ Book Retreat Mysteries page on this site lists the books in order, or you can just read about Murder in the Mystery Suite, which I pretty much read out loud in the show.