Episode 9 – Dickens, Loneliness, and 2023

In this episode you heard about 2023 plans, ways to try using books to help combat loneliness, and a bit about Charles Dickens.

If you would like to read David Copperfield along with me, you can download the book on Project Gutenberg. (Link will open on a separate tab.) You can even send the book to your Kindle – grab the one with images! Once I’ve finished Copperfield I will be reading Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. I hope you’ll join me for this as well.

I mentioned author Jenna Miles, who will be a guest in an upcoming episode, but I didn’t include the name of her novel. It’s called The Catch. Stay tuned for the interview!

I referenced several books that have helped me when I was lonely (speaking as a bibliophile, not a therapist or psychologist); here they are:

  • Little Women
  • Lois Mcmaster Bujold’s “World of the Five Gods” series/cycle
  • Anything by David Sedaris
  • Anything by Bill Bryson