decorative ghost hanging on branch

…..I used to be an audiobooooook.

About a year ago I started to notice that books by a particular author (Phil Rickman) were disappearing from my Audible library.

At first I wasn’t sure that was happening – I thought maybe I’d just borrowed them from my local library to listen instead of using Audible credits – but more recently I pulled up a title that said, in effect, “This title is no longer available. So sorry.” It wasn’t a Phil Rickman title.

I’m still not 100% positive this is happening, but I think I might have been ghosted by some of my favorite books.

How’s your Audible library looking? You might want to check your library against your purchase history. (Ugh. That feels like balancing a checkbook, I know. I haven’t officially done it either.)

I emailed Audible and may share their response in a later post.

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