Grey Mask

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Patricia Wentworth – 1928 – #1 in the Miss Silver Mysteries

So many questions . . .

Margaret and Charles – whatever happened to their love?

Who are those men in disguise sitting in Charles’ mother’s sitting room?

And why is Margaret with them?

Margaret and Charles parted ways years ago, and Margo is newly orphaned. The three are thrown together in circumstances so contrived that one might think they missed a plot line.

Regardless, the story is compelling. Who is Grey Mask, the kingpin of a European crime syndicate? The answer to that question is the end goal in this witty noir mystery. The book isn’t cozy, but its characters are appealing. Narrator Diana Bishop does an overall admirable job; this mystery (which predate’s Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple character by a couple of years, by the way) is entertaining – and, lucky for those of us who are just now discovering Miss Silver, there are 31 more books in the series! It appears the last book was published in 1961.