Rating: 5 out of 5.
Happy go lucky book cover

David Sedaris 2022

David Sedaris is never a bad bet when I’m trying to decide which new release to read. (In this case, I listened.)

Whether he’s writing and speaking about the pandemic, travel in Eastern Europe, or his family, Sedaris’ gift for finding humor in the most absurd places is undeniable, and this book is no exception. I was surprised to find that the pandemic jokes and anecdotes in this book had the effect of normalizing my reactions to the past few years, and I even felt the beginning of some healing. Thanks for that, Mr. Sedaris.

There are some not-funny discussion topics; David’s father Lou died at 98 in May 2021. Perhaps because Lou is gone now, or maybe just because it’s time, Sedaris shares his father’s darker side in more detail than in past memoirs; he explores some allegations made against Lou by David’s sister Tiffany, who died by suicide in 2013.

As always with Sedaris’ books, I recommend the audio, read by the author. There are several chapters read to a live audience, and the energy between speaker and listeners is contagious and uplifting.

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