It’s Been a While . . .

Brightly colored flowers

. . . Since I last posted! We spent two weeks traveling to California and back to visit our son – a much-anticipated trip! We travelled on Amtrak’s Soutwest Chief. I’ll share some photos of our trip at the bottom of the post.

This was a big deal; in general, 98% of my travel takes place vicariously through my reading. There was lots of planning, some stress, and finally I got to hug my son, whom we had not seen since last September, and had NEVER seen in the state he now calls home.

The trip was all I had hoped it would be, but I did find a little time to read a couple of fun cozy mysteries as I wound down in the late evenings – books one and two of Monica Knightley’s Stratford Upon Avondale Mysteries. I’ve reviewed both of them; the first is called Alas, She Drowned, and it’s followed by Come, Bitter Poison. There are ten books in this series in which ex-novice nun and tea room owner Maggie O’Flynn, who writes steamy romance novels on the sly, takes it upon herself to solve murder after murder. They’re quick, entertaining reads – not too heavy to read on a trip.

Here are the promised vacation photos; I’m a reader and writer rather than a photographer, so consider these just a friend showing you their vacation snapshots. As far as the blog goes, I’m back in the saddle, so look for a resurrection of Monday Morning Poetry tomorrow and a little travel quiz later in the week.

Canyon hike in Orange County
Cliffs viewed from the train in Arizona (?)
The Boy, relaxing in Laguna Hills
Lake Michigan Sunset in St. Joseph, MI, as seen from our train window aboard the Pere Marquette on our way home.

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