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Journey #5: In this memoir, a dog and his master start out from New York, take a solitary road trip across the country, making it all the way to California and then eventually returning to New York.

Travels With Charley, John Steinbeck’s 1962 travel memoir, is the story of the author’s 1960 road trip through America with his dog, Charley.

Journey #4: A man travels to the planet Malacandra, under duress.

Answer: That Hideous Strength, written by Tolkien’s comtemporary C.S. Lewis. Elwin Ransom, whom Lewis modelled after Tolkien, is kidnapped and taken aboard a small spacecraft headed for Malacandra, or Mars.

Journey #3: The journey starts in the Shire, in Middle Earth.

Answer: The Hobbit: or There and Back Again – J.R.R. Tolkien’s iconic fantasy.

Journey #2: The destination is 1743 – although the heroine never intended to go there.

Answer: Outlander and its many sequels, written by Diana Gabaldon, tell the story of a woman who is whisked back in time from the 1940s to 1743.

Clue #1:

A family makes its slow way from Oklahoma to California in this 1939 classic. Answer: The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck) – the story of the Joad family, who travel the long, arduous journey from the Dust Bowl that is Oklahoma to California farm country, via Route 66.

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