Amost a Sunday Classic

The Lady Jewel Diviner

Classic Style With a Bite

Although The Lady Jewel Diviner reads much like your favorite Regency novel, it was just published last month. It’s got humor, danger, intrigue, romance – and a little tiny spinster vampire.

I’ve mentioned this book a couple of times; now I’ve finished it, and written a 5-star review. You can easily finish this in one lazy Sunday. (Although I’m so enthusiastic about this story that it sounds like I benefit from its publication or purchase, I promise that I don’t. I bought the book, read it, loved it, and reviewed it. The Kindle edition is $4.99 – free if you have Kindle Unlimited. )

You will want to keep an eye out for additional work by Rosalie Oaks; in fact, there are several other titles in the Lady Diviner Mystery series.

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