Lone Wolf

Rating: 3 out of 5.
lone wolf book cover

Jodi Picoult 2012

Luke Warren is a man who prefers wolves over his human family. He never says that out loud, but action speak louder than words.

This is the story of Luke in crisis, and of the dificult decisions his young adult children must make to help him through. Supporting players are ex-wife Georgie and her husband Joe.

I listened to the audiobook, which had multiple narrators to represent the mulitple points of view. The reading was flat, and I listened to the book at 2x speed to get though it as quickly as possible. The behavior of some of the characters was ridiculous and annoying.

Years ago I read My Sister’s Keeper (would give this an honest 3 stars) and Second Glance (it’s been too long to rate, though I remember enjoying the book), and decided it was time to give this prolific author another try. I don’t know that I would’ve chosen this book from a list of Picoult titles, but it popped up in an Audible sale.

Lone Wolf would have earned just 2-2.5 stars if not for the research the author put into the pack behavior of wolves in the wild. I consider this the most interesting aspect of the book, and in fact, I recommended it to my nephew just for the wolf data (keeping in mind that this is fiction, so I suppose theoretically that the wolf data could be less than accurate). I do not, however, consider this to be Picoult’s best work.

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