Mockingbird – A Trivia Question and a New Resource

It seems that Christmas is even busier during this pandemic – or maybe we are just busy earlier to allow for shipping time.   Regardless, I have been occupied with Christmas, work, and life over the past couple of weeks and haven’t posted much.

Mockingbird on branchI finished (and reviewed) To Kill A Mockingbird and four of us met to discuss virtually.  Our discussion was engaged and lively, and I shared this little tidbit with the group: one of the characters is written into the story as an homage to Truman Capote, who was a lifelong friend of Harper Lee.  I caught on to this (no lie, and I’m pretty proud) as I read Capote’s holiday-themed short stories based on his own childhood. I thought the child Capote sounded an awful lot like one of the characters so I did some research – and I was right! Do you know who the character is? Answer in the comments.

I wrote some discussion questions for Mockingbird  and I’ve included them on this site.  I plan on providing more free resources like this in the future, and there is a new menu item on the main page of the site where discussion questions will live. I also wrote a review of the book.

Stay tuned for the titles of some Christmas ghost stories!


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