Murder Shoots the Bull

Rating: 3 out of 5.
murdershoots thebull book cover

Anne George 1999 – Southen Sisters #6

A folksy, plain-spoken mystery series set in Birmingham, Alabama, Southern Sisters details the exploits of sisters Patricia Anne (“Mouse”) and Mary Alice (“Sister”), both in their sixties at the time of this volume. Family members and friends get into trouble along with the two sisters; in Murder Shoots the Bull, (a title that seems to have no association with the story), Patricia Anne’s neighbors Arthur and Mitzie are in trouble following the murder of Arthur’s first wife, while Patricia Anne’s son has jeopardized his marriage.

This book is a quick read at around 250 pages, and there’s enough wry humor to keep the story light while murders are solved. Those who live in Alabama will enjoy the references to the city’s landmarks.

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