Nothing to See Here

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nothing to See Here book cover

Kevin Wilson 2019

Lillian Breaker was born of an indifferent mother and absent father into a life of poverty. She worked hard in school, which led to a shining opportunity: a scholarship to the prestigous Iron Mountan Girls Preparatory School. That dream was torn from her, though, thanks to the machinations of the rich and the indifferent greed of her mother.

Fast forward roughly eighteen years: Lillian is doing whatever she can to get by when former Iron Mountain roommate Madison Billings, who is both the destroyer of Lillian’s dream and the object of her unrequited love, invites her to the home she shares with her husband, Senator Jasper Roberts, and their son Timothy. Madison has offered to pay Lillian to act as governess (warden, really) to the senator’s older two children, ten-year-old Bessie and Roland.

Bessie and Roland, you see, are fiery children – literally. They catch fire when experiencing strong emotion. The two siblings are immune to the flames, but the fire is real and dangerous for those around them. This is a liability for their father, who has set his sights on the post of Secretary of State, so Lillian has been asked by Madison to supervise the children while keeping them out of the public eye.

Nothing to See Here is a strikingly original story, filled with scenes and characterizations that are delightful in their uniqueness. Lillian, in particular, exhibits strength and acceptance that allows her to look beyond past betrayal and to free herself from the need for revenge. Her story is worth reading.

To say more would be to cross into spoiler territory, but keep an eye out for discussion questions in the very near future. And read this book, which earns an unqualified five stars. It’s not a funny book, but you are guaranteed at least one moment of laugh-out-loud triumph.

I’ve written some discussion questions for your use with your book discussion groups. Please follow the guidelines listed with the questions; I hope you find them discussion-worthy!

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