Philosophy and Mission of Your Book Group

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Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive virtual space for readers to explore and discuss the world(s) of Story.

I love books so much that for ten years I made bookselling my career.  Reading books, discussing them, and connecting them with people who love them in turn – this feeds my soul.  So, I created this website.

Because there are countless outstanding fiction and memoir titles that are not frontlist, meaning they aren’t heavily marketed right now and aren’t prominently displayed in bookstore windows,  we will focus on discovering these gems, also known as backlist. (Frontlist titles may show up here from time to time, but they don’t need help being discovered so we won’t focus on them.)

You know when you go to a thrift shop or a libary’s used book sale, and you find a book that you love? Maybe that book inspires you to find others by that author, or other authors who write similar books.

How to choose?

This is what I want to help you with – I want to help you find the book that has been overlooked for years because it’s shelved in the back of the bookstore or library, on the bottom shelf where no one wants to bend down or kneel. Then, I want to provide the answer to your next questions – “Where can I find another great mystery novel like this?”  “What other authors write historical fiction set in Elizabethan England?” “Who else writes engrossing fantasy fiction?” “Where can I find clean romance?” Or any other book questions you might have.

There are already some sites that do this, and I may link to those sites, of course, in my quest to help you, the reader.  They’re good sites.  So why did I create yet another book site?

Because I love connecting you with new titles, series, and authors.  I have a way to go; the site is not huge yet – but we are growing.

You can trust me to be honest and direct in my reviews.  If you ask me for a book recommendation (which you can do! Just email me at, you can count on my reponse. (I do have a day job, so I can’t respond immediately.)

Now – let’s find your next hidden gem.

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