Poem: Sonnet by Thomas Hood

Thomas Hood was a poet and humorist, and son of a bookseller, who lived from 1779 to 1845.

This poem is timeless.  Remember the first day of the holiday break? Remember the last day?

Sonnet, by Thomas Hood

Along the Woodford road there comes a noise
Of wheels, and Mr. Rounding’s neat postchaise
Struggles along, drawn by a pair of bays,
With Rev Mr Crow and six small Boys;
Who ever and anon declare their joys,
With trumping horns and juvenile huzzas,
At going home to spend their Christmas days,
And changing Learning’s pains for Pleasure’s toys.
Six weeks elapse, and down the Woodford way,
A heavy coach drags six more heavy souls,
But no glad urchins shout, no trumpets bray;
The carriage makes a halt, the gate-bell tolls,
And little Boys walk in as dull and mum
As six new scholars to the Deaf and Dumb.

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