Monday Morning Poetry – Back to Whitman (be sure to scroll down)

“I swear I think now that every thing without exception has an eternal soul! The trees have, rooted in the ground! the weeds of the sea have! the animals!” – “Leaves of Grass” Photo by Catherine Beeman, Pigeon Creek Park, West Olive, Michigan, March 27, 2021

Monday Morning Whitman – for Texas

Courtesy of Project Gutenberg, here are some words of hope from Leaves of Grass in honor of the people of Texas who are fighting for their lives and homes. They have showed courage and compassion for their neighbors in the face of crippling adversity and loss of life. If you’re … Continue ReadingMonday Morning Whitman – for Texas

Monday Morning Whitman – in honor of Abraham Lincoln

As today is Presidents’ Day in the United States, I am sharing an excerpt from Whitman’s poem “Memories of President Lincoln” from his Leaves of Grass, courtesy of Project Gutenberg. This brings tear to my eyes and I think it’s my favorite Whitman poem so far. Coffin that passes through … Continue ReadingMonday Morning Whitman – in honor of Abraham Lincoln

A Free Book by Sci-Fi Senator Hoar

In keeping with one of my overall guiding principles for this site – promoting work that is not otherwise actively marketed by publishers – I will focus on public domain titles and authors over the next few weeks. Let’s start with Roger Sherman Hoar, who was a Massachusetts state senator … Continue ReadingA Free Book by Sci-Fi Senator Hoar