crime scene tape

Readers over the past century have demonstrated a sustaining love of a good mystery, and publishers have fed our demand admirably.  Click on each link to view some timeless titles you may have overlooked. 

Cozy mysteries are long-standing favorites. People are killed, sometimes in an outlandishly gruesome manner,  but there is also tea, and sometimes cake. Often there is a vicar.  As the weather gets colder, you can stay warm by the fire with your tea and cake – and one of these stories.

British classic mysteries aren’t quite cozy.  The detectives involved may be amateur or professional.  Most are witty and entertaining, but with some exceptions there are few forays into the characters’ personal lives unless the backstory relates to the crime.  There is tea, but not much cake.

Crime fiction, legal, and medical mysteries are pretty serious stuff for the most part. They are fast-paced page turners.  No cake. Only some tepid tea.

Historical mysteries are typically well-researched and include actual historical figures and events, as well as insights into everyday life. Tea is unlikely, but you might see some cakes. (“Cakes” seem to be a popular meal for historical travellers and modest folk.)