Real Murders

Rating: 4 out of 5.
real murders book cover

Charlaine Harris – Aurora Teagarden #1

Librarian Aurora (Roe)Teagarden is a librarian and member of a true crime group. Author Charlaine Harris introduces the reader to Aurora, her family, and her hometown, just as in any other cozy mystery, but when members of her group are murdered gruesome ways that echo the crimes they study, the book takes a sharp left, leaving “cozy” territory as people are slaughtered.

There are ten books in the series, it appears – and there are also several movies. The movie version of Real Murders stars Candace Cameron Bure and was released in 2015. There also appears to be a TV series.

Overall this is a satisfactory mystery. It’s a solid three star book but I awarded an extra star for the author’s subtle red herrings; my guess at the murderer’s identity could not have been more wrong. (I thought I was so clever.)

Narrator Thérèse Plummer reads competently, but sometimes comes across as a news anchorwoman. Her interpretation of Aurora’s six-year-old brother reminds me of old radio shows I’ve come across in which an adult female actress tries to sound like a small child. I doubt this was the narrator’s decision, but regardless it was awkward to hear.

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