Review Requests

As of September 17 2023, I am not accepting new review requests until January of 2024. My bookshelf is full!

You can submit a review request for any genre, but my favorite genres are magical realism, fantasy, steampunk, paranormal fiction, and general fiction that does not have a political or military theme. Memoir is also fine in some cases.

Please email your request to with “Review Request” in the subject line of the email. Unless an excerpt of your book is visible on Amazon, please attach a five-page excerpt of the text of your book. Any five pages is fine.

In the body of the email, please include the title, author, genre and word count of your book as well as your preferred review publication date. If I accept the request I will do my best to meet that requested deadline, but because my day job cramps my style, I can’t guarantee completion by a specific date. (I’ll do my best though!)

It’s also helpful if you can provide a link to the author’s website or social media accounts. If your book is available for review on Reedsy Discovery and has not been picked up by any other reviewer, please let me know this so I can review through Reedsy, if I accept the request.

I’ll respond within a day or two to let you know whether I’m able to review your book.