Sick of Shadows

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Marion Chesney – Edwardian Mysteries #3

Rose and Harry, engaged in name only, compete to solve crimes, with Daisy and Becket serving as the Fred and Ethel to their Lucy and Desi. Repeated romantic misunderstandings and foot-stamping rebellion on Rose’s part (against her parents’ rules, Harry’s rules, and Edwardian England’s rules for young ladies of quality) serve as fodder for another mystery in this short series.

Marion Chesney is unapologetically blunt, concluding plotlines with one-sentence afterthoughts, setting up romantic opportunities and knocking them down with the subtlety of a bowling ball, and making me laugh with every book.

No one else could get away with this kind of terrible writing, but I love every word. I’m sad that she’s no longer with us. 

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