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I’ve made some content and appearance changes to Your Book Group.

  • I’ve changed the appearance of the home page and all other pages/posts to allow easier access to the most recent posts and most recent book reviews – checkout the rightmost column of every page (desktop view). Scroll down for reviews.
  • I’ve added a new menu item: Series, where you can find books in a series listed in order. This is still a small-ish category, but I will develop it further to offer book series over the coming weeks. (I always struggle with the fact that the plural of series is series.) If you’re looking to discover a new author that will give you some long-term reading pleasure, this is the page to visit. Right now there are only mystery series listed, but the section will grow.
  • I’ve re-introduced two menu items that had been removed: Audiobooks and Award Winners.
  • I temporarily removed Memoir and Humor; those sections really only consisted of one or two titles each, and you have already read about them if you’ve been following reviews or posts. They will be added back to the menu as their content is increased.

Watch for tomorrow’s post on Weekend Reading!

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