Stones for Ibarra – Where’s the Movie?

This is the first post in a Tuesday series featuring screen adaptations of books in Your Book Group’s library.

I was inspired to start this series as I searched for the movie adaptation of Stones for Ibarra, Harriet Doerr’s award-winning first novel (published when she was 74!) about a California couple that moves to a small town in Mexico. There was a movie adaptation released in 1988 starring Glenn Close and Keith Carradine.

I’ve been searching every streaming service I can think of to locate the movie. I thought I’d found a full version on YouTube but it was dubbed in Spanish. So close. . .

I don’t think it was ever released on DVD, but the movie is sometimes mentioned in conjunction with Hallmark so I checked their movies. The search returned 24,000 results, all featuring beautiful couples (mostly white and blond and straight) surrounded by Christmas trees and snow. The main characters in Stones for Ibarra are also white and straight, but still – that was weird.

I finally ordered a “rare” factory-sealed VHS copy on eBay; I’m pretty sure there’s an old VHS player gathering dust in our basement, and I only paid $10 including shipping.

I’ll keep you posted, and I will likely offer the VHS as a giveaway. I promise I will rewind. 🙂

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