The Ten Thousand Doors of January – Questions

  1. This book has several themes; what themes can you list? What did you view as the primary theme?
  2. January and other characters can travel between worlds but not, it would seem, between different times – no moving backwards in time. Why do you think this is? How would time travel change the book?
  3. Imagine the author is writing another book with the same “world,” and maybe the same characters. What character other than January would you like to see featured as the hero or heroine (protagonist) in a sequel or companion novel? In what world would you place that character?
  4. How would this story be impacted if it were set in 2011 instead of 1911? (This came up in a book discussion with two fellow readers. Christine and Marlou, thank you for your thoughtful discussion of this book.)
  5. You create and open the Door that takes you to the world of  your dreams. What does the Door look like and what is the world on the other side?

Copyright 2021 Catherine Beeman, You may use these questions in your personal book group but please do not distribute; instead, refer readers to this site.

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