Thanksiving with Truman Capote and Walt Whitman

That Truman – he wrote some stuff. I’m re-reading In Cold Blood right now – the true crime story of the November 15, 1959 slaughter of the Clutter family in Kansas, which happened just before Thanksgiving of that year. The story is riveting, but it holds another layer of interest for me because I lived in that area of Kansas for a short time and I recognize the names of some of the businesses and geographical references. Keep an eye out for a review.

In about an hour I’m headed over to my wonderful library that is going to bring The Complete Stories of Truman Capote out to the curbside pickup area where I’ll be safely waiting in my car. That volume should include two holiday-related short stories: “A Christmas Memory” and “The Thanksgiving Visitor.”  Both are stories that reflect Capote’s childhood experiences.  I hope to finish at least one of them today, and I’ll update this post with a link to the review when I’ve done so.  Update: I did read both stories as well as a third.  You can find my review by clicking on this link.

I’ll probably also spend some time this weekend reading some Whitman; I ordered a nicely bound copy of Leaves of Grass from my favorite independent bookstore, Schuler Books, and it was delivered within a few days for only $2.50 shipping.  Please think of them the next time you’re ordering a book.

What are you reading on this pre-Thanksgiving weekend?

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