Catherine's face black and white closeupAs a child, I read obsessively and was overjoyed when the Bookmobile started making summer stops in our neighborhood. That little bus filled with books was pure magic, and I visited regularly.  I worked in a library in college, and whenever I moved to a new city, I sought out the library the way others look for a church.

I eventually found my way to a career in bookselling and bookstore management that lasted about ten years, until it made sense for me to work from home due to family needs.  I’ve sold lots of books and I’ve hosted many book groups. Each book and each group was a joy, but nothing compared to that Bookmobile.

I’m very happy you’re here.


We offer reviews and a growing database of books. Soon we will offer virtual, title-centered book discussion meetings, as well as our recommendations for your own book discussion groups.  Email me at if you would like to suggest titles to add to the site, keeping in mind that we are focused largely on fiction, memoir, and essays/humor.

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