The Lemur

18th book in the A to Z Mystery Tour

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.
The Lemur Book cover

Benjamin Black (pen name for John Banville) 2008

Well, I guess you could call this a mystery. A mystery – an unanswered question -does exist, and at the end of this book, which is so short I would call it a novella or even an extended short story, the question is answered.

That’s it. This 132 page book has no climax, and the denouement lasts a few paragraphs before the book ends. Here’s a summary:

Creepy guy who looks like a lemur and who’s threatened to blackmail the main character is shot in the eye. Main character wonders for the next 100 pages who shot the creepy lemur. Another prominent character steps forward, states”I killed the lemur.” It’s evident that character is protecting someone else, and the main character caller the confessor out. -Confessor says “ok, yes. I am protecting (fill in the blank.)” The End.

No chase scenes, no close calls, no edge of your seat. However, there is some good imagery from time to to time. I could see where readers who are desperate for a noir novel might find some enjoyment in the story. Two and a half stars.

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