The Stabbing in the Stables

Rating: 3 out of 5.
The Stabbing in the Stables book cover
Simon Brett 2006 – Fethering Mysteries #7

Jude and Carole try to solve a murder among the horsey set, amidst a series of mutilating attacks on mares in the area.

This is a pretty standard cozy mystery. Events of note:

  • Jude has an ethical dilemma.
  • Carole worries about trouble in her son’s fledgling marriage.
  • A recurring character gets stabbbed.
  • Carole and Jude do not solve the murder. One of them just happens to be present when the guilty party confesses.
  • Carole bets on a horse.

I was more than usually irritated by the duo’s presumption that they have the right to disturb crime scenes and break into property owned by others. The last third of the book dragged, and I skimmed until a) I found out what was going on with Carole’s son and b) which was much less interesting, I found out who committed the murder.

Normally I would say to listen to the audiobook to soak up the lovely voice of Geoffrey Howard (aka Ralph Cosham), and I did listen to the first two thirds, but I switched to the ebook so I could skim to the the end.

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