Three Wishes Discussion Questions (book by Liane Moriarty)

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1.Gemma, Cat, and Lyn sometimes give the impression of being different facets of the same person, sharing the same mind, especially when one of them is recalling a past event. The remembering triplet gives this impression (not a direct quote): “Am I remembering this as me, or as Lyn?” (Insert any triplet’s name here; this is just an example.)  If you have twin or triplet siblings, have you experienced this before? And for everyone, how does this depiction change your understanding of the relationship between twins and triplets?

2. We all know that in many groups of three, two of the three are close and the third person is excluded to some extent. Is this the case with the Kettle sisters? If so, which triplet do you believe is excluded? Is the exclusion new and related to circumstances in the book, or has one triplet been kept very slightly at arm’s length since childhood? (For a deeper dive: do you experience this in any of your personal relationships? How have you reacted, and how does that reaction compare to the Kettle sisters?)

3. We mainly view Maxine and Frank Kettle through the lens of their daughters.  How clear and focused is that lens? What insights are we shown about both characters as viewed by their daughters?

4. Another deep dive: In spite of its genre (chick lit), Three Wishes hits hard when dealing with difficult life situations.  Did any of these situations cause you to experience strong feelings? What were those feelings: sorrow, anger, grief? What was the most impactful theme in terms of your response?

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