To Kill A Mockingbird – Discussion Questions

  1. What does it mean to kill a mockingbird, based on what you’ve read in the story?
  2. How many “mockingbirds” are there in this story, and who are they?
  3. Is there anyone in this story who is not bigoted in your opinion? If so, who?
  4. This story takes place during the Great Depression. How does the economics of the town of Maycomb impact the characters and their actions, if at all?
  5. This is the story of a Black man being tried for the rape of a White woman, from the point of view of a little girl. It’s other stories too though. What are some of those stories?
  6. How does Dill figure in the book? What would we lose if he weren’t there?
  7. Think about Atticus, Scout, Jem, Calpurnia, Tom, Arthur Radley, Dill, Heck Tate, Aunt Alexandra, Miss Maudie, or any other characters that stood out to you. Which, if any, of these characters, are changed by the events in Maycomb? Were they really changed or are we just being shown the character traits they’ve had all along?
  8. Move the events of Maycomb forward eighty years. How would the story be different today, based on advances in forensic science, changes in social mores, anti-discrimination laws, and the presence of social media?

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