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Globe and bookshelvesHere’s how to navigate Your Book Group. As of this writing there are 101 titles listed, with reviews written for 39 of them. More titles and reviews are added weekly.

To understand what we are about, read about the mission and philosophy of the group.

For reading ideas in your favorite genre, use the red menu at the top of the site. Mobile users can click on the red menu, then choose your genre. If a review exists on this site for a recommended title, you can click on the title to read the detailed review. If there is no review yet, you’ll be taken to a Goodreads link.  Hover over a menu item with a dropdown to see sub-genre suggestions. Mobile users, click the down-arrow on a genre to view sub-genres.

If you would like to see only reviewed titles, click on All Reviewed Titles on the menu, and from there you can see every review. The reviews are searchable by author or title, and you can filter by Author, Genre, Series, and Rating. (The Publisher filter is non-functional and will be removed soon.)

To see posts – just scroll.

To find your way back to the landing page, click on the site title in the upper left hand corner of each page.

To follow me on social media, click on any of the three links just above the menu.  They are Facebook, Goodreads, and Reedsy Discovery in that order.

Why do my “book covers” not feature actual covers?  I don’t have permission from publishers to use their covers, and since I have 40 hour/week day job, I don’t have the time to reach out to every individual publisher as I’m getting this site off the ground. That could change in the future, but it’s not my top priority. 

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment on this or any post. If you would like to see a particular title or author represented, let me know.  

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