Weekend Reading Returns

trees against sunset

With cooler weather on the not-so-distant horizon, I’m resurrecting Weekend Reading suggestions; keep an eye out for new ideas, which will be posted every Thursday or Friday throughout fall and winter. I will probably cross-post on my Michigan blog as well.

It’s still summer and in my neck of the woods the weather is the best it’s been in weeks – but still, kids (and maybe you) are back in school. Time for reading might not be plentiful just yet, so I’m suggesting a book that you can pick up and put down without losing track of the story:

John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley

Steinbeck’s iconic travel memoir is a great read anytime; why not give it a try? It’s easy to pick up where you left off, as the book is roughly divided by location. Are you familiar with any of the places Steinbeck visited on his tour of the USA? Do you feel the urge to explore?

You’re sure to find the book in your library, or the Kindle version is less than $4.


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