Weekend Reading – The Lady Jewel Diviner

The Lady Jewel DivinerI ran across Rosalie Oaks’ The Lady Jewel Diviner on Reedsy Discovery, and I’m sad that I missed this title when it was available for review! Still, I bought it ($3.99 for the Kindle version) and will be reading it this weekend.

This is the story of a woman in what appears to be Regency England who has a secret ability to “divine jewels” (whatever that means) and ends up solving crimes – so, basically a tongue-in-cheek paranormal period detective novel series (The Lady Diviner Series).

What hooked me? Well.  I would have to say it was the promise of a ‘tiny spinster vampire’ making her appearance, practically on page 1.  I’m going to keep reading as soon as I finish this post, and will post my review. In the meanwhile,  read the Reedsy Discovery review I wish I’d written.

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