Your Weekend Reading – The Equinox Edition

It’s a cool, rainy autumn morning as I write this – the perfect weather to re-read A Wrinkle in Time.

This Newbery Award winner isn’t too long, so you can finish reading (or re-reading) it in a weekend. Have you already read the book? For a fresh reading experience, check out the graphic novel. It’s on the shelf now at Grand Rapids’ trusty Schuler Books, and the digital version is also readily available at Amazon.

There are many ways to enjoy this story; it’s a movie, an audiobook, a graphic novel, and, of course, a book. It’s available in libraries, brick and mortar bookstores, and online; you can find used copies on Amazon, thriftbooks, Alibris, and probably ebay. There’s even an earlier animated movie floating around out there.

Although marketed as a Young Adult novel now, Wrinkle was originally published for children; YA wasn’t a category yet in 1962. With this in mind, consider reading this aloud to your children. Some themes may be upsetting in a sci-fi kind of way (physical pain, mind control of children, a parent in danger), but these themes are tame compared to modern fantasy like Harry Potter. Of course, the book is also a great choice for adults.

If you would like to share and discuss this book with others, keep an eye out for an upcoming post sharing my original book discussion questions, both for adults and children.

My signed copy

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