Your Weekend Reading – the Friday the 13th Edition

So you need something to read this weekend – something short, maybe, that you can finish by Sunday night, and preferably free?  Check out these this short list of free Kindle books (really free – not Kindle Unlimited or Prime free), which are either of a length to be finished in a weekend or consist of short stories, most of which can be consumed in a few hours at most.

Mysteries and Classics

The Mysterious Affair at Styles – Hercue Poirot #1, and Agatha Christie’s first novel! The Kindle edition of the book is free and also includes, among other titles the 2nd Poirot mystery,  The Murder on the Links,  whish is a bit longer at 208 pages.

Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray,  a macabre story slightly reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe, is a mere 112 pages. You can finish this in an uninterrupted afternoon.  Free.

Murder in Stained Glass Miss Trumbull Mystery #1.  (Ok, I have no idea how long this book is because it only has location numbers, not page numbers. But it’s free, it’s a murder mystery written in 1939 by a contemporary of Agatha Christie, and I read the first page.  The writing seems good. I cannot turn down a previously unknown well-written 1930s mystery with a female detective. )

Something a little lighter?

Try My Man Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse.  Bertie Wooster finds himself frequenly engaged, repeatedly beholden to overbearing aunts, and very often in hot water. Luckily his butler, the unflappable Jeeves, saves the day.  Funny stuff. Many of the numerous Jeeves novels and short story collections are free (Kindle editions), including this one. You can easily knock one of these out in short order, laughing all the way. 

Here’s something that’ll tide you over for a few weekends at least – The Complete Saki. This free Kindle collection contains 145 novels and short stories by Hector Hugh Munro, under the pen name Saki.  I haven’t read much of his work and I suspect that the humor might not be sufficient to overcome the possibly dated language and awkward formatting of this free edition, but it’s worth a shot. Maybe I’ll start this weekend. His humor is described as macabre and vicious on the site. Huh.

What are you reading this weekend? Share in the comments.





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